A Message from Dr. Kent M. Keith

For the past twenty-five years, I have done my best to write and teach about servant leadership. This is my passion. It is based on my understanding that the central message of Jesus was about the Kingdom of God, and a servant’s heart is central to the Kingdom. I believe that leading with a servant’s heart is not only the right thing to do spiritually, we have plenty of evidence that it is also the most effective way to lead. I am convinced that all Christian leaders should be servant-leaders, whatever kind of group or organization they may happen to be leading.

The purpose of this website is to provide ideas, resources, and links that will help you to become a servant-leader, or encourage you on your journey if you have already chosen a life of servant leadership.

What can you do? You can review the Scriptural basis for servant leadership. You can read articles, browse the list of recommended reading, or buy books to get you started. And you can contact me if you have questions you would like to ask or comments you would like to share.

It’s good to be with you on the journey!

In Christ,

Dr. Kent M. Keith

Dr. Kent M. Keith